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Nol I Dudalen Cartref Eglwys Dewi Sant

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Greetings From the Minister's Desk For January

Rev. Anne HepburnAs members of the Welsh Community prepare to gather at The OGGA this weekend, we are keenly aware that many will not be able to join us. We extend our prayers and friendship to those who are unwell or busy working. You will be missed!

Spring brings us into a new phase of life with hope and joy centered on the resurrection of Jesus. His appearance to the disciples gave them new courage to carry out his healing, teaching mission.

And so, we are reminded that God’s love abounds in this world and of the grace that redeems and restores us. May you be comforted wherever you are,

God gives us opportunities to grow as we continue to worship together.

Bendithion / Blessings

Rev Anne


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20 Ebrill / April 2015

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