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Greetings From the Minister's Desk For January

Rev. Anne HepburnI preached last week on the parable of the Good Samaritan.

That parable is a lesson taught by Jesus on faithful action.

Action which heals and cures and cares compassionately for those in need.

This week the lesson from Jesus is about listening for the spirit and being attentive to the teaching.

In light of the news from overseas and The USA these past days it is pretty difficult to know what to do: act or listen.

The horror of the July 14th Bastille Day Massacre in Nice, the uprising and coup in Turkey and the frightening mass shootings in Cleveland and Baton Rouge are a wave of violence that seems unstoppable.

How, if at all, can we respond?

What can we do?

Prayer seems inadequate yet what else is possible from our safe distance?

Last week the Old Testament reading from the book of Amos told of a plumb line dividing Israel from God.

It suggests that God is not with some of his people despite their suffering because of a lack of faithful behaviour.

We must consider that the words in the book of Amos are written by a person who interpreted the events in their lives as being judgements from God.

Amos the prophet understands the troubles afflicting the Israelites as being a consequence for their lifestyles.

But that is not necessarily the truth. It is simply one person’s understanding of the situation.

I don’t think that God is that vengeful.

Recall that after the great flood, God repented of his actions which killed many people and saved only the animal and bird and water creatures along with Noah’s family.

He hung a rainbow in the sky as evidence of his promise never to repeat that devastating damage.

So we have reason to believe that in fact God was with the people of Israel during their hard times and is with us all still.

We are still on the same side of the plumb line as God.

May that keep us faithful: open to doing and listening to the will of God now and always. Amen

Bendithion / Blessings

Rev Anne


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25 Gorffennaf / July 2016

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