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Greetings From the Minister's Desk For April

19 Ebrill / April 2014

Rev. Anne Hepburn

Nowhere is new life more apparent than in the season of Easter. As we move from a harsh winter into warm weather our spirits lift and our energy returns. The blooming forth of spring enlivens the meaning of new life with tender shoots on trees and in gardens. Birds return and children and neighbours emerge to greet each other and enjoy the greening of the city. Spirits are high with the advent of warm weather.

The season of Lent draws to a close with Holy Week and the movement through the Parade of Palms to the Passion of our Lord.

As I write this, we are moving into Easter weekend at Dewi Sant.

  • We will worship together on Good Friday at 3:30, observing the Crucifixion of Christ.
  • On Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection with a brief service of Holy Communion at 9 am. Then at 11 am our regular service time will be a festival of Easter: this includes decoration of the cross with spring flowers and a presentation by the Sunday school of the story of Easter. Not to be missed!

The Ontario Welsh Festival takes place the weekend after Easter at Niagara Falls. I will attend and in my absence, Rev Rob Metcalf will take the service on Sunday April 27. I look forward to meeting people and experiencing Welsh activities and hospitality at my first Welsh Festival.

Bendithion y Pasg / Easter blessings

Rev Anne

An Easter joke: What do you call 10 Bunny Rabbits walking backward?
A receding hareline


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19 Ebrill / April 2014

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