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Greetings From the Minister's Desk For September

Rev. Anne HepburnIt is wonderful to be back from my trip to Wales and find colours changing and the weather still warm and dry (generally!)

As I write, I am keenly aware that we are fully into autumn in Toronto: which means that colder air and wetter weather is soon to be upon us. Fall is as true a predictor of winter on the way as anything.

Many people find winter difficult at the best of times and the latest winter forecast gives little to be cheerful about.

Yet into every life some rain must fall.

Our Christian tradition tells us that God is with us always. We are not alone.

This is comforting when we go through bad personal or professional times. (or in Canada, bad weather!)

The community of Dewi Sant Welsh United Church is a blessing with the warmth and the generous spirit of the members offering friendship and a sense of home that is needed and appreciated by all.

Please plan to join us in all the exciting activities that November and December will bring. From Bazaar to Concert to Advent and Christmas celebrations and the St David’s Christmas dinner, there is much to enjoy and many to share in the joys.

May the cheer of approaching holidays celebrations lift our hearts and bring joy to our lives and our outlook.

Bendithion / Blessings

Rev Anne


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03 Tachwedd / November 2014

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